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Open Gaming System (OGS) Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
ogsThe global namespace for Open Gaming System (OGS)
ogs::cclassesA set of common character classes
ogs::coreProvides declarations for core components
ogs::core::detailsThis namespace contains object details
ogs::creaturesA minimal set of universal creatures
ogs::creatures::humanoidsA collection of common humanoid creatures
ogs::featsA minimal set of universal feats
ogs::itemsProvides declarations for universal items
ogs::items::ringsA collection of magical rings
ogs::items::wondersA collection of wonderous magical items
ogs::magicProvides declarations for magic system
ogs::magic::abilitiesExtends the core mental ability scores with additional functions to support magic
ogs::magic::featsContains metamagic feats and other spell related feats
ogs::skillsA minimal set of universal skills
ogs::spellsAbstract base classes for spells in each school of magic
ogs::spells::conjurationA set of common Conjuration spells
ogs::supportProvides declarations for library support

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