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Open Gaming System (OGS) Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ogs::core::AbilitiesA set of ability scores
ogs::core::PartialMethodA method that directly maps ability types to ability scores
ogs::core::AbilityA basic characteristic of an entity
ogs::magic::AbilityAn ability with extended support for magic
ogs::core::AverageMethodA method that generates average ability scores
ogs::core::DirectMethodA method that generates a direct ability score
ogs::core::EventAn event that describes the change(s) made to this ability
ogs::core::HighPoweredMethodA method that generates "high-powered" ability scores
ogs::core::MethodA function object that generates an ability score
ogs::core::StandardMethodA method that generates above-average ability scores
ogs::spells::AbjurationA spell in the Abjuration school
ogs::magic::AbsoluteRangeA spell range expressed in an absolute distance
ogs::feats::AlertnessA feat that adds a +2 bonus to all Listen and Spot skill checks
ogs::core::details::AlignmentAn indicator of morals and order
ogs::feats::AllWeaponsA weapon proficiency for all weapons of one group
ogs::items::ArmorAn item worn for protection in combat
ogs::feats::ArmorProficiencyA feat that allows the effective use of armor
ogs::support::AttachableAn object that can be attached to another object
ogs::cclasses::BarbarianA savage, uncivilized, warlike character class
ogs::cclasses::BardA "jack-of-all-trades" character class well versed in music and lore
ogs::core::BodyPartA part of the body where items can be equipped
ogs::feats::BonusFeatA special feat that can be substituted with another feat
ogs::core::CClassA career of a character
ogs::core::CharacterA character is a fictional individual in a campaign setting
ogs::core::AdvanceManages experience level advancement of a character
ogs::magic::abilities::CharismaA Charisma ability score extended with additional functions to support magic
ogs::support::ClassAn object representing the class of another object
ogs::cclasses::ClericA pious character class devoted to the service of a deity
ogs::items::rings::ClimbingA magic ring that adds a +10 competence bonus to all Climb skill checks
ogs::cclasses::CommonerA nonplayer character (NPC) class for average creatures
ogs::skills::CommonSkillsA skill factory that creates common skill objects
ogs::magic::ComponentAn element required for the preparation or casting of a spell
ogs::spells::ConjurationA spell in the Conjuration school
ogs::core::CreatureA creature is a sentient and/or animate entity
ogs::spells::conjurations::CureWoundsA spell that heals damage to living creatures
ogs::core::DefenseA value that determines effectiveness in avoiding damage
ogs::core::details::DescriptionA detail that describes some aspect of an object
ogs::magic::DescriptorsBase< Size >A set of spell descriptors
ogs::support::DestroyA function object that destroys allocated memory
ogs::core::DieA die generates random numbers by simulating rolls of polyhedral die
ogs::spells::DivinationA spell in the Divination school
ogs::magic::DomainA domain represents an area of divine magic
ogs::cclasses::DruidA character class that reveres nature
ogs::creatures::humanoids::DwarfA sturdy humanoid creature skilled in stonework and metalcraft
ogs::creatures::humanoids::ElfA mystical humanoid creature with an affinity for nature and magic
ogs::magic::feats::EmpowerSpellA metamagic feat that increases all numeric effects of a spell by one-half
ogs::spells::EnchantmentA spell in the Enchantment school
ogs::magic::feats::EnlargeSpellA metamagic feat that doubles the range or area of a spell
ogs::core::EntityAn object in the game world
ogs::support::EventAn object that notifies observers of significant events
ogs::spells::EvocationA spell in the Evocation school
ogs::core::ExperienceA utility class for calculating experience points, levels, and other attributes that depend on experience
ogs::magic::ExperienceCostA spell component that costs experience points to cast
ogs::magic::feats::ExtendSpellA metamagic feat that doubles the duration of a spell
ogs::core::FeatA feat is a feature that provides a special power, property, or other improvement
ogs::core::IsInstance< T >A function object that determines if a feat is an instance of a specific feat
ogs::core::FeatureA feature is an object that can be attached to another object
ogs::cclasses::FighterA character class formally trained in weapons, armor, and tactics
ogs::core::details::GenderA detail that identifies the sex of a creature
ogs::creatures::humanoids::GnomeA curious humanoid creature with a propensity for mechanics and pranks
ogs::creatures::humanoids::HalfElfA progeny of a human and an elf
ogs::creatures::humanoids::HalflingA creature much like a human but about half the size
ogs::creatures::humanoids::HalfOrcA progeny of a human and an orc
ogs::magic::feats::HeightenSpellA metamagic feat that increases the effective level of a spell
ogs::creatures::humanoids::HumanA human being
ogs::creatures::HumanoidA human-like creature
ogs::spells::IllusionA spell in the Illusion school
ogs::feats::ImprovedInitiativeA feat that adds a +4 bonus to initiative rolls
ogs::feats::ImprovedSaveA feat that adds a +2 bonus to saving throws
ogs::magic::abilities::IntelligenceA Intelligence ability score extended with additional functions to support magic
ogs::core::ItemAn entity that can be utilized or manipulated by a creature
ogs::magic::LevelRangeAn absolute range that is based on caster level
ogs::core::details::MaturityThe various stages of life for a creature
ogs::magic::feats::MaximizeSpellA metamagic feat that maximizes spell effects expressed as die rolls or other numeric ranges
ogs::magic::MetamagicFeatA feat that enhances spells
ogs::core::ModifierAn integer value added to another integer value
ogs::core::EventAn event that allows observers to determine the previous value of the modifier
ogs::core::ModifiersA list of modifiers
ogs::core::EventAn event that allows observers to determine changes to the list
ogs::cclasses::MonkA character class dedicated to martial arts
ogs::spells::NecromancyA spell in the Necromancy school
ogs::support::ObjectBase class of all objects in the class hierarchy
ogs::support::ObserverAn object that observes other objects
ogs::cclasses::PaladinA character class that strives to be the paragon of virtue
ogs::magic::PhysicalComponentA spell component with physical attributes
ogs::items::ProjectileWeaponA ranged weapon that requires projectiles or other type of item for ammunition
ogs::items::rings::ProtectionA magic ring that adds a deflection bonus to defense
ogs::core::details::QuantityA detail that describes some aspect of an object
ogs::magic::feats::QuickenSpellA metamagic feat that reduces the casting time of a spell to a free action
ogs::magic::RangeMaximum distance from caster that a spell affect can occur
ogs::items::RangedWeaponA thrown melee weapon or projectile weapon
ogs::cclasses::RangerA character class skilled at outdoor hunting and survival
ogs::items::RingAn item worn on a finger
ogs::cclasses::RogueA character class adept at "obtaining the unobtainable"
ogs::core::SavesA set of saving throws
ogs::magic::SchoolA school of arcance magic
ogs::feats::ShieldProficiencyA feat that allows the effective use of shields
ogs::magic::feats::SilentSpellA metamagic feat that allows spells to be cast without a verbal component
ogs::feats::SingleWeapon< _WeaponType >A weapon proficiency for a single weapon
ogs::core::SizeA size category
ogs::core::SkillA feature that is checked for success or failure
ogs::skills::SkillFactoryAn object that creates skill objects
ogs::cclasses::SorcererA character class with inherent spell casting abilities
ogs::magic::SpellA magical effect produced by a caster
ogs::magic::SpellListA spell list associates spells with cclasses and domains
ogs::skills::SpotA skill used to detect hidden or concealed objects
ogs::magic::feats::StillSpellA metamagic feat that allows spells to be cast without a somantic component
ogs::core::StrengthAn ability that determines physical power and force
ogs::magic::SubschoolA subschool of arcance magic
ogs::items::rings::SwimmingA magic ring that adds a +10 competence bonus to all Swim skill checks
ogs::feats::ToughnessA feat that adds +3 health points each time it is taken
ogs::spells::TransmutationA spell in the Transmutation school
ogs::creatures::UndeadA creature that is, technically speaking, dead
ogs::spells::UniversalA spell in the Universal school
ogs::items::WeaponAn item used in combat to damage opponents
ogs::feats::WeaponProficiencyA feat that allows the effective use of a weapon
ogs::magic::abilities::WisdomA Wisdom ability score extended with additional functions to support magic
ogs::cclasses::WizardA character class devoted to the mastery of arcane magic

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