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Open Gaming System (OGS) File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
core/Abilities.h [code]
magic/Abilities.h [code]
core/Ability.h [code]
magic/Ability.h [code]
Abjuration.h [code]
AbsoluteRange.h [code]
Alertness.h [code]
Alignment.h [code]
AllWeapons.h [code]
Armor.h [code]
ArmorProficiency.h [code]
Attachable.h [code]
Barbarian.h [code]
Bard.h [code]
BodyPart.h [code]
BonusFeat.h [code]
CClass.h [code]
CClasses.h [code]
Character.h [code]
Charisma.h [code]
Class.h [code]
Cleric.h [code]
Climbing.h [code]
Combat.h [code]
Commoner.h [code]
CommonSkills.h [code]
Component.h [code]
Conjuration.h [code]
Conjurations.h [code]
Core.h [code]
Creature.h [code]
Creatures.h [code]
CureWounds.h [code]
Defense.h [code]
Description.h [code]
Descriptors.h [code]
Detail.h [code]
Details.h [code]
Die.h [code]
Divination.h [code]
Domain.h [code]
Druid.h [code]
Dwarf.h [code]
Elf.h [code]
EmpowerSpell.h [code]
Enchantment.h [code]
EnlargeSpell.h [code]
Entity.h [code]
Event.h [code]
Evocation.h [code]
Experience.h [code]
ExperienceCost.h [code]
ExtendSpell.h [code]
Feat.h [code]
Feats.h [code]
magic/Feats.h [code]
Feature.h [code]
Fighter.h [code]
Gender.h [code]
Gnome.h [code]
HalfElf.h [code]
Halfling.h [code]
HalfOrc.h [code]
HeightenSpell.h [code]
Human.h [code]
Humanoid.h [code]
Humanoids.h [code]
Illusion.h [code]
ImprovedInitiative.h [code]
ImprovedSave.h [code]
Intelligence.h [code]
Item.h [code]
Items.h [code]
LevelRange.h [code]
Magic.h [code]
Maturity.h [code]
MaximizeSpell.h [code]
MetamagicFeat.h [code]
Modifier.h [code]Class interface for general purpose modifiers
Modifiers.h [code]
Monk.h [code]
Namespace.h [code]
support/Namespace.h [code]
core/Namespace.h [code]
core/details/Namespace.h [code]
magic/Namespace.h [code]
magic/abilities/Namespace.h [code]
magic/feats/Namespace.h [code]
cclasses/Namespace.h [code]
creatures/Namespace.h [code]
creatures/humanoids/Namespace.h [code]
feats/Namespace.h [code]
items/Namespace.h [code]
items/rings/Namespace.h [code]
items/wonders/Namespace.h [code]
skills/Namespace.h [code]
spells/Namespace.h [code]
spells/conjurations/Namespace.h [code]
Necromancy.h [code]
Object.h [code]
Observer.h [code]
Paladin.h [code]
PhysicalComponent.h [code]
ProjectileWeapon.h [code]
Protection.h [code]
Quantity.h [code]
QuickenSpell.h [code]
Range.h [code]
RangedWeapon.h [code]
Ranger.h [code]
Ring.h [code]
Rings.h [code]
Rogue.h [code]
Saves.h [code]
School.h [code]
ShieldProficiency.h [code]
SilentSpell.h [code]
SingleWeapon.h [code]
Size.h [code]
Skill.h [code]
SkillFactory.h [code]
Skills.h [code]
Sorcerer.h [code]
Spell.h [code]
SpellList.h [code]
Spells.h [code]
Spot.h [code]
StillSpell.h [code]
Strength.h [code]
Subschool.h [code]
Support.h [code]
Swimming.h [code]
Toughness.h [code]
Transmutation.h [code]
core/Types.h [code]
magic/Types.h [code]
Undead.h [code]
Undeads.h [code]
Universal.h [code]
Utility.h [code]
Weapon.h [code]
WeaponProficiency.h [code]
Wisdom.h [code]
Wizard.h [code]
Wonders.h [code]

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