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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following questions are the most frequently-asked questions by people interested or involved in the project.

What is the goal of this project?
Just what the home page says: "To define a application programming interface (API) and provides a free software implementation of this interface for open gaming software." Furthermore, the interface and implementation should be high-quality software. It should be portable (easily implemented in any language and on any platform), reusable (easily integrated into any application or environment), and adaptable (easily customized for any campaign setting or game world).

What is open gaming software?
This question is answered by asking a similar question. "What is an open game?" Basically, an open game is a role-playing game that uses an open rule system. An open game follows a recent trend in the role-playing gaming market where the rule systems for such games are shared with the gaming community much like open source software. Open source software is in fact the model for open games. Role-playing games are a genre of tabletop and computer games typically set in a fantasy world where players assume and develop the personae of a character in an epic adventure. Back to the original question, open gaming software is software written for open games. This software range from massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), complete campaign management systems, or character generation tools.

Why does OGS have an API for three different languages?
I couldn't decide on one and I like them all so I wrote an API for all three.

How can I help?
Simple. Contact the maintainers and let them know you're interested! Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

The C API requires GLIb. What is GLib?
GLib is "a library of useful C routines". Among many other things, it contains an object-oriented framework written in C. You can browse through the CVS repository or look through the GLib API reference or the GObject API reference.


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