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OGS Version 0.1.1 Released. (2003 Apr 20)
A new release of the Open Gaming System is now available from SourceForge.

Summary of new features and changes made to C++ and Java in this release:

* Added several new elements such as new cclasses, new creatures, new skills, new feats, new items, and a spell or two. These new elements have been added as models for implementing more elements and for testing the core rules.

* Rewrote existing test drivers and added some test drivers for higher-level functions. These test drivers exposed lots of bugs which have been fixed.

* Bug fixes and enhancements to the Core Rules including body parts of creatures for carrying and equipping items and the utilization of smart pointers where neccessary.

* More API documentation.

See the NEWS and ChangeLog files in the distribution for more details.

Scope of project to be extended. (2003 Mar 21)
The scope of OGS has been extended. OGS will now contain everything that was planned to be distributed as part of DND3E. Integration will begin following release 0.1.0 of OGS. DND3E will no longer be maintained.

The original plan was to separate the framework of the gaming system from any particular game world or campaign setting. But maintenance of two different projects in three different languages for essentially the same purpose is just too much trouble. And even if OGS contains elements that are specific to fantasy game worlds and campaign settings, this does not mean that OGS can still be used for other settings. The framework can be extended for other game worlds and campaign settings just as easily as fantasy. Fantasy will simply be a "standard extension" or a "default campaign setting" for open games.


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